White Belt Curriculum

White Belt represents the Beginning- the beginner has a fresh mind and a unique openness to learn, much like the seed as it begins its journey

White Belts receive 5 stripes:

Green- For knowing our 5 tenets and 6 Stances

Blue- For knowing the cycle form (See video to the right)

Red- For knowing the White Belt one-steps, Escape Skills 1-4, their Contact Skill, and (for Fusion/Impact) their Defense Skill. (Videos Below)

Black- Demonstrating (without assistance) all their basic Blocks, Strikes & Kicks

Yellow- Completing the Fitness Test

White Belt One Steps

White Belt Defense Skill

(For Ages 11 & Up!)

White Belt Escape Skills

White Belt Warriors Form (Ages 10 and under)

White Belt Fusion/Impact Form (Ages 11 and up)

White Belt Contact Skill

Looking for Virtual Training for Spring 2020? Click here for White belt Virtual Training Drills

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