Warrior Kids

(Ages 6-10)

The Warriors Class is designed to teach basic to advanced martial arts to ages 6-10! Warrior classes are offered 6 days per week and are unlimited classes. It is recommended that students train 2-3 days per week.

Whether doing Martial Arts is your idea or your child’s, we are here deliver for you both!

Parents love the lessons in respect and leadership as well as the great exercise that their children get in our classes. They like the positive changes that occur from consistent TaeKwonDo Training at our Academy.

Kids love the challenge of learning the new moves, the reward system of earning stripes and belts, and how each class is unique.

Martial Arts and Grades:

Studies show that a good Martial Arts program can improve your child’s grades. Consistent training twice a week allows children to get necessary exercise to not only stay healthy, but also to “get their energy out” to focus better on school and homework.

Benefits from training in our Warriors Kids Program include:

  • Increased Focus

  • Better memorization abilities

  • Discipline

  • Goal Setting

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