October 2019

Hello Parents and Students!

Here's our October Update!

Saturday Seminars This Month:

10/5-Agility Class: This class is designed to improve movement, balance and overall agility, this is open to everyone ages 5+ even if you aren't a current student!

10/12-Extremes Class: This class is designed to help students with acrobatic and gymnastic type moves for use in musical forms! This seminar is open to all those who are Orange belt and above!

10/19- Family Class: This class is a fun intro class for the whole family! We'll be working the basics of TKD anyone is welcome to bring a family member to join them in this class for ages 5+

10/26- Sparring Clinic: This seminar is designed to assist all our Orange-Black belts with their sparring skills! We'll be working Combinations, Blocking and Countering, and Variance of Moves!

Important dates:

10/18- Testing Registration Opens for our November testing

10/26- *Neo-Bartitsu Testing* Those eligible for Testing can see Renshi about registration

10/31- CLOSED for Halloween


We have a self-defense seminar coming up on November 2nd that is open to the public for anyone ages 13+!

Our Annual Holiday Sale will be November 11th

Our next Testing will be November 16th

Quote of the Month:

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it" - Nelson Mandela

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