Meet Our Chief Instructor


The Chief Instructor and owner is 7th degree Black Belt, Senior Master Monika Bishop- McElwee, who has more than 25 years of martial arts training.


Bishop’s TKD has many highly qualified instructors that are excellent at teaching and motivating students of all ages.

Bishop’s TaeKwonDo Plus has been proudly serving the Columbus, GA area for over 20 years.


We offer TaeKwonDo classes for ages 3 through adult. Each program is specifically designed for a particular age and experience level.


About Our Academy

Bishop’s TaeKwonDo Plus is a modern martial arts training center that focuses on teaching traditional TaeKwonDo as well as true leadership skills. Classes are structured for maximum results and enjoyment. Students, of course, learn all the Kicks, Strikes and Blocks of TaeKwonDo, PLUS true self-defense training and escape techniques. Also, each 10-week training cycle we focus on one of our 5 Core Tenets:

Leadership, Strength, Commitment, Knowledge, Respect


Martial Arts Training:

Students will begin by learning the basic stances, blocks, strikes, kicks and escape skills. At each belt level, students are introduced to new material which builds off the previously learned techniques. Students will have the opportunity to test for new belts only 5 times per year. This breaks down to 5 10-12 week testing cycles. Each week has a specific training theme. The weekly themes include Self Defense Week, Targeting Week, Forms Week, and many others. Students earn 5 stripes on each belt for learning specific moves. The success of students in our program comes down to consistent training and focus on their goal to earn their TAEKWONDO BLACK BELT!

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