Lil Leaders

(Ages 3-6)

Our Lil' Leaders program was designed specifically for children ages 3-6 years old. Parents love how their children learn classroom structure, cooperation with other children...and GREAT MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING. Your child will train with other children in their age group, allowing them to feel comfortable and more capable of achieving excellence.


The Lil Leaders program is broken down into specific requirements that each student will tackle at every belt level. This means your child will be sharper, more focused, and better developed physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially than a child who does not participate in a program strategically designed like the Lil Leaders Program.

The class sizes are maintained at a low student to instructor ratio, so our younger students get the individual attention they need. Lil Leaders are eligible to test for new belts when ready and are eligible to participate in tournaments.


Life Skills:

  1. Self-Control

  2. Courtesy

  3. Sharing/Taking Turns

  4. Rules of Focus

  5. Stranger Danger



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