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Specialty Classes

Every Saturday at 11:00 am we offer a different "Specialty" Class, these are sometimes completely different Martial Arts or Fighting styles that our instructors have trained in (Such as Combat Defense, Wing Chun, Hanmudo, Jiu-Jitsu, Bartitsu, Self-Defense Seminars, etc.) Sometimes they are an extra class to focus on one area we teach in TKD (Forms Clinic, Sparring Class, Board Breaking, Tournament Prep, Testing Prep, Martial Arts Etiquette, Rank Concentrated Classes, and More). The openness and availability of these classes varies with each one, so we recommend looking at our Calendar section to see what we have coming up!!

Note: Several of these classes are open to the public and are usually free of charge!!

Other Services and Events

  • Martial Arts Birthday Parties

We also offer Birthday parties. We set up the floor for an hour and a half of fun with 2 of our instructors (birthday boy/girl’s choice which 2). We entertain the kids for most of them time and all you have to do is bring the cake and decorations! If the birthday boy/girl is a student of ours then they can also show off their TKD skills and break a real wooden board in front of their friends!


  • Private Lessons

We offer one-on-one private lessons (outside of regular class time) where one of our instructors will work with you on anything you need improvement on for a 20 minute lesson. Whether it’s a tune up before Testing or Tournament, or just something you feel you need extra work on we’ve got you covered!! (You can Click Here to sign up for a Private Lesson Now!)

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