Brown Belt Curriculum

Brown Belt represents the Mountain– The mountain, a symbol of strength, represents the student becoming an advanced Martial Artist. The Advanced Student looks ahead to the challenge of becoming a Chidoryok TaeKwonDo Black Belt

Brown Belts receive 5 stripes:

Green- Demonstrating their Advanced Techniques

Blue- For knowing the cycle form (See video to the right)

Red- For knowing the Brown Belt one-step, Escape Skills 1-8, their Contact Skill, Breaking their Testing Break on the 1st Try, and (for Fusion/Impact) their Defense Skills. (Videos Below)

Black- Demonstrating their sparring skills by showing Combinations, Advanced Techniques, Block & countering, Self-control, and Guard Position.​

Yellow- Completing the Fitness Test

Brown Belt Form (All Ages)

Brown Belt One Step

Brown Belt Escape Skills

Brown Belt & Sr. Brown Contact Skills

Brown Belt Defense Skills

(For Ages 11 & Up!)

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