Blue Belt Curriculum

Blue Belt represents the Flowing Water– The power of the rushing water must be properly channeled. If used properly, your skills should now be making you more flexible, stronger, faster, and a more focused Martial Artist

Blue Belts receive 5 stripes:

Green- Demonstrating their Advanced Techniques

Blue- For knowing the cycle form (See video to the right)

Red- For knowing the Blue Belt one-step, Escape Skills 1-6, their Contact Skill, Breaking their Testing Break on the 1st or 2nd Try, and (for Fusion/Impact) their Defense Skills. (Videos Below)

Black- Demonstrating their sparring skills by showing Combinations, Advanced Techniques, Block & countering, Self-control, and Guard Position.​

Yellow- Completing the Fitness Test

Blue Belt One Step

Blue Belt Escape Skills

Blue Belt Warriors Form (Ages 10 and under)

Blue Belt Fusion/Impact Form (Ages 11 and up)

Blue Belt & Sr. Blue Contact Skills

Blue Belt Defense Skills

(For Ages 11 & Up!)

Looking for Virtual Training for Spring 2020? Click here for Blue belt Virtual Training Drills​

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