Red Belt Curriculum

Red Belt represents Fire– Fire, like water, can be devastating if not controlled. Fire can also purify and allows us to see more clearly. As the student goes through this last “color belt”, he/she must sharpen his/her skills and mentally focus on what it means to be a Black Belt

Red Belts receive 5 stripes:

Green- Demonstrating their Advanced Techniques

Blue- For knowing the cycle form (See video to the right)

Red- For knowing the Red Belt one-step, Escape Skills 1-8, their Contact Skill, Breaking their Testing Break on the 1st Try, and (for Fusion/Impact) their Defense Skills. (Videos Below)

Black- Demonstrating their sparring skills by showing Combinations, Advanced Techniques, Block & countering, Self-control, and Guard Position.​

Yellow- Completing the Fitness Test

Red Belt Form (All Ages)

Red Belt One Step

Red Belt Escape Skills

Red Belt & Sr. Red Contact Skills

Red Belt Defense Skills

(For Ages 11 & Up!)

Looking for Virtual Training for Spring 2020? Click here for Red belt Virtual Training Drills​

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